All Fifty States Club

Complete all 50 in Hawaii! Rovey kids celebrate!

January 25, 2024


I am SO proud and excited to congratulate my oldest daughter, Karina, and sons, Carsten and Trevor Rovey, on completing all 50 states!  They are now full-fledged, official members of the All Fifty Club after visiting Hawaii this past December.  What started as road trips from TN to AZ to visit the grandparents, became a family quest to see every state in the USA. Planes, trains, campers, RVs, boats, ferries, buses, subways, and automobiles! History, nature, architecture, wildlife, culture, food, and sports! World-famous sites to the extremely quirky! From the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic, from El Paso to Chicago, they have stepped foot in every state across the United States of America.

We have seen the beautiful, the depressing, the inspiring, the thought-provoking. Our imaginations ran wild as we stood where a rocket took off, where dinosaur bones were discovered, where soldiers fought for our freedom, where Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. We saw humble beginnings and how hard work and perseverance can overcome. We saw injustice and compassion. We witnessed the importance of standing together, helping each other, and how having faith will lead to a better future. Through travel, our kids have a deep love and understanding of the diversity of the USA and the American people. They developed a desire to preserve and protect our wonderful country – our freedom and our land for years to come. ❤️

Alicia Rovey, All Fifty Club President


Hawaii is a grand finale to complete an all-50 journey! Many say it is the best for last! It is one of those places where you can really soak in the accomplishment as you enjoy being in Hawaii.

  • Order your All Fifty Club certificates, t-shirt, pin, or medal in advance. It was fun to place the medals around my kids necks when we arrived at the airport.
  • Celebrate with a Luau.  Tell the organizers about your accomplishment and ask them to present your All Fifty Club certificate at the Luau.
  • Mention it to the flight attendants - they might just announce the accomplishment over the intercom.
  • Look for a Hawaii sign. Surprisingly, there is no perfect place to take a picture by a Welcome to Hawaii sign. This is the best we could find. If you found a better spot, please list it in the comments.
  • Order a plaque so it is at home when you arrive. Hang it up at the office or in your home.
  • E-mail a picture so we can congratulate you and share your accomplishment on social media. Our travel community wants to celebrate you!
  • Sign up to be an All Fifty Club member if you haven't already, so your name will be listed on our list of members. You earned it!


Every state has its unique food, culture, and history, however Hawaii is definitely one of a kind. I am excited to share my family's experiences as we traveled to 3 islands in Hawaii in December 2023. This is Part 3 - the Big Island of Hawaii.  Alicia, All Fifty Club President

Family of 6 trip to Hawaii in December 2023

Part 1 - Hawaii Planning and Preparation

Part 2 - Maui (2 nights)

Part 3 - Hawaii (4 nights)

Part 4 - Oahu (3 nights) 

Part 5 - Completion of All 50 in Hawaii!