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All Fifty States Club (AKA All Fifty Club) 

Like many travelers, Alicia Rovey set a goal to visit all 50 states.  She visited many states as a child, took some trips in college, traveled for work and before she knew it she had been to almost every state.  With 4 states to go, she founded The All Fifty Club in 2006 wanting to connect with other travelers who were pursuing the same goal. The mission was to help other travelers track, share, and celebrate the amazing accomplishment of visiting all 50 states.


Travel Goal Getter 

As the All Fifty Club grew the Club saw that travelers had other goals - dreams of visiting all 7 Continents and countries across the world. All Fifty Club also wanted to provide a way to track states visited.  Alicia's brother, Eric, became interested in helping support the mission of the All Fifty Club and was instrumental in expanding the All Fifty Club to Travel Goal Getter.  The new "umbrella club" allowed more avenues to support travelers. Travel Goal Getter was founded in March 2012 with a focus on helping travelers across the world by encouraging the tracking, sharing, and celebration of travel goals and achievements beyond the goal of visiting all 50 states.

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