CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENTS – This isn’t an ordinary Christmas Tree. This is one full of travel memories!  Gary and Laura Crissman collect ornaments as they travel and shared a picture of what they call their “Travel Tree”. They are hoping to complete their 50 state journey in Myrtle Beach this year as golf in all 50.

Ornaments are difficult to find in some places so a key chain may have to do. We are hoping to add an “I’ve been to All 50” club ornament for 50 staters to add to their trees to complete the collection!


MAGNETS – Picking up a magnet in each state is an inexpensive, easy souvenir to build into a collection. Ed Sibal has a impressive refridgerator magnet collection.  Besides each, state travelers can collect magnets from favorite places, cities, parks, endless possibilities.  Thank you to Ed Sibal for sharing a picture of his collection


MUGS –  Bruce DeGroff shared this picture of his mug collection.  If you feel the need to travel but can’t, grab a mug fill it up and reminisce about your visit there!


THIMBLES –  Maureen Sweeney collects a thimble from each state.  (along with eating/drinking and taking a picture of the welcome sign in each state).  She has one empty spot, Hawaii, and has plans to go there soon!