CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENTS - This isn't an ordinary Christmas Tree. This is one full of travel memories!  Gary and Laura Crissman collect ornaments as they travel and shared a picture of what they call their "Travel Tree".  Ornaments are difficult to find in some places so a key chain may have to do! We have added an "I've been to All 50" club ornament for 50 staters to add to their trees to complete the collection,  Now for sale in the Travel Goal Getter Store.  Buy here.


PICTURE FRAME AND PHOTO - Taking a picture in every state is almost a given, but placing it in a frame especially for that state makes this super special! Christy and Ryan Johnson  came up with this clever idea, and are still adding states and countries to their wall as they travel to new places. Many souvenir shops sell picture frames, but you could also make a custom frame out of items from that state - seashells, sand, leaves, etc.


MAGNETS – Picking up a magnet in each state is an inexpensive, easy souvenir to build into a collection. Ed Sibal has an impressive refrigerator magnet collection.  Besides each, state travelers can collect magnets from favorite places, cities, parks, and endless possibilities.  Thank you to Ed Sibal for sharing a picture of his collection.


MAGNETSTeresa Hanula and her pup Leonard Lee also have a wonderful display on their fridge!  Instagram – Live Love Leonard Lee


MUGS –  Bruce DeGroff shared this picture of his mug collection.  If you feel the need to travel but can’t, grab a mug fill it up, and reminisce about your visit there!


THIMBLES –  Maureen Sweeney collected a thimble from each state.  (along with eating/drinking and taking a picture of the welcome sign in each state).


SPOONS –  Bob Rainville has a souvenir spoon collection, mounted in a special wooden spoon holder in the shape of the United States. There are 50 spoons in the holder, each purchased in, and named after, each of the 50 states. They are in alphabetical order, left to right, and top to bottom.  It took him over 40 years to complete the set. Well done!


SPOONS –  Cameron Meier has collected spoons representing all 50 states. Most were collected while he was visiting those states.