Record Holders





Patricia Jones completed at 90 years young when she crossed the state line into North Dakota with her family,  making her the record holder for the Oldest Traveler at completion. Favorites: Maine, North Dakota (because it was 50th), and her home state of Louisiana.





Ilene Osherow completed all 50 just a few days before she turned 90! First state: Missouri;  Final state: North Dakota; Favorite States or Places - national Parks, particularly Yellowstone, Glacier, Yosemite and enjoyed being able to take her children there. Read more. 



Most Repeat Visits to All 50 States


20 - Daniel Seddequi (50 jobs in 50 states,

16 - Rodney Smith Jr., (plus tours to lower 48)

9 - James Marchino
9 - Frank Bartocci (honorary)
5 - Mark Breitenbach, Yuri Williams
4 - Judd Clemens, Gary Flanagan
​3 - William & Ina Sims, Larry Kirk

2 - Matt Wurnig, 50 dates in 50 states TWICE (2nd in 2023)

2- Jon Martens, Bill and Jan Larson

2 - David Cunningham, Donald & Vanda Edington
2 - Norman & Ellen Ellenbrand
2 - Phyllis & Roger Brown - lower 48 by motorcycle
2 - Mary & Tom Rehm


All 50 states and all U.S. inhabited territories


Radwan Ziadeh completed his journey to all 50 states and all inhabited U.S. Territories in 2017. Favorite experiences: He found Puerto Rico different and interesting since the culture was different from much of mainland U.S.A. He was amazed by the beautiful scenery and purity of water while visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands. Visiting South Dakota, his final state, had a big impact on him, especially seeing the in-progress Crazy Horse Memorial.

Brady Augustine finished all 50 plus the territories in New Hampshire in 2014. He served as a federal contractor who was hired to visit all 50 states and the territories in order to train and advise state Medicaid agencies on how to manage care, analytics, and program integrity.

For A Cause


Skydived All 50 States

Sarah & Matt Nuckols
Nicole Smith
Doug Ward


Biked in All 50 States

Douglas Wilson
Douglas Brown
David Miller


Ran in All 50 States

Patty Bishop - ran a half marathon in all 50 states and 7 continents

David Lambe,  Josh Sanders, Brandy Shumaker - 5K in all 50 in 6 days, 7 hours, 58 minutes, July 2019

Homer & Suzanne Brantley
Kenneth and Constance Korosc
James Marchino - road race in all 50 (9 times)
Wynne Evans - 10K in all 50

Scott Donaldson


Disc Golfed in All 50 States

Matt and Kristin Baxter
Larry Kirk - (3 times)
Larry Kirk, accomplished in 50 days

Golfed in All 50 States

Bob Bowar
Warren Brodt
Gus Churchill
Chuck Cosgrove
Terry Dickerson
David Heidenreich
Chuck Miller
Felicia Wilson
Gene & Anne Kozleski
Kathy & Patrick Chandler
Harry Scott, Soren & Melanie Jacobsen - accomplished in 50 days
Mary & Tom Rehm - played 2 courses in all 50
Liz & Jeff Goldstein - before reaching age 50

Richard Miller



Miscellaneous Sports

Les "Pee Wee" Harrison and TyRone "Hollywood" Brown - Spun a basketball on the steps of each Capitol steps and state lines
Scott & Andrea Stonebraker - Volleyball in all 50
James Lawrence, July 2015 - IronMan, 50 Triathlons, 50 days
Marco Silva - Hiked a Trail in All 50
Fran & Barry Lazarus - Climbed all Colorado 14ers
Beth Hendricks - Participated in Formal walk in Each State
Terry Petrucci - Attended major league baseball field in every state possible

James Marchino - Bowled 3 game series (nine times

Vincent Sadowski  - Attended an auto race in 48 states

Dr. Ron Snipe - Competed in the Senior Olympics in 48 states

Scott and Tiff Sink - hiked in all 155 National Forests and 20 National Grasslands

Bob Ryan - watched a sporting event in all 50 (sportswriter)


Food & Drink

Aroop Sircar - Ate each state's iconic food
Lalith Narayan - Ate french fries and drank a soda in each state
John Fitzgerald - Ate a slice of pie in every state
Wendy Beauge - Visited all USA Hard Rock cafes
Eric Hirschmann - Went to a local restaurant in 49 states
Boomer Mentzer, Vincent Sadowski - Drank a beer in every state
Jim Denevan (honorary) - Served food in every state
Tim MacKenzie - Visited a Sports Bar in all 50

Judy and Mike McMamara eating at a Texas Roadhouse in 49 states (no Roadhouse in Hawaii) 


Music & Entertainment

Frank Turner - Performed in All 50 in 50 days

Houston and the Dirty Rats - Performed a show in All 50

George Thorogood (honorary)- Performed in All 50 in 50 days
The Black Donnellys - 60 gigs in 50 states in 35 days, Guinness Record
Jack White (honorary) - Performed in All 50
Dan Nainan (honorary) - Performed comedy in every state

Jodi Rose Crump - Playing the Violin in All 50 (in progress as of February 2024) 

Joe Wiegand (historian/impersonator) - Portrayed Teddy Roosevelt in all 50 

With a Purpose

Matt Wurnig - 50 dates in 50 states TWICE 

Braxton Amundson, James Marchino - visited a College Campus in every state, College Campus Challenge

Tracy and Keith Zimmerman - renewed their vows in All 50

Jane and Andy McClure - visited all 50 states in alphabetical order

Bob Rainville - 83 state to state border crossings in the Border Crossing Challenge

George & Kay Locatelli - spent 3 weeks in every state

Brian & Staci Kothman - camped one week in 48 contiguous
Danka and Norman Pieniazek - ALL 412 NPS sites
Craig Bailey, William Padgon, Charles Dean - over 250+ National Park Service sites
Heidger Family - 60 national parks in one year
Klas Vikman - over 313 entries into the United States (from the UK)
Bradley and Jennifer Bishop - Found a Geocache in all 50 in one year
Barry Steifel (honorary) - longest Solo Road Trip to all 50, 8,649 miles
Al Roker (honorary) - Reported the weather in all 50 states
Janine Stange - sang the national anthem in all 50 states,
Todd Helpingstine - minimum 5 night stay in each state
Dan Carter - rode trains in all 50
Linda - landed a Small Plane in All Fifty States
Olson Family - flew Private Plane in All Fifty States
Jerry Jones - rode Honda Gold Wing in All 50 States
Darcy Nystrom - rode a motorcycle in all 50
Kathleen Kaplan - RV to 49 states
Maxeen & Gary Evans, Mark Dobkin, Chet Hepburn, Duncan Holaday - rode Motorcycle in 48 States
Ralph & Darlene Jose, Ian Morgan - rode Motorcycle in All 50 States
Matthew Norris - rode a Harley Davidson in All 50 States
Gary Flanagan - visited A Church in each State closest to each Capitol

Stevenson Family (Henry III, Monica, Hannah, Henry IV) - visited All Presidential Libraries & Tombs
Melanie Tucker: (honorary) - visited Federal Land in each state (national park, etc.)
Dan Nainan (honorary) - performed comedy in every state
Rochelle Peachy (honorary) - dated a guy in every state
Ben LeRoy (honorary) - did volunteer work in every state
Jim Simpson (honorary) - spent the night at a Walmart parking lot in every state
Robert Strein - photographed 48 Capitols
James Marchino - visited Universities in each state and collected coffee mugs
Braxton Amundson - visited a University in each state by age 25
Anne Corlett (honorary)- painted a Landscape in each state
Jay Zantos (honorary) - 50 states, 50 national parks, 10 months
Malcolm Sadler - viewed rock formations in every state (geology professor)
Ken Nielsen - geocached in all 50
Jim Ford - had a conversation with a local and mailed a postcard from all 50
Fred Plotnick- hitchhiked to all 50
Darwin Kemp - hitchhiked in all 50
Jim Lehman - birdwatched in all 50
Richard Morgan - bird carving shows in all 50, thepaintedbird
Nigel Yorweth - sold books in every state
Esther Jones - collected sand or soil from each state capital

Shelton Stile - made a friend in every state

August Farrow  - photographed wildlife in every state

Scott Simon - reported from all 50 states (Weekend Edition, NPR host, author)

Pets, Sock Monkeys, Cars and more


Socko the Monkey -

"Eowyn" - Ford Windstar drove Owner to 49 States


Read Their Stories