Record Holders



Oldest at time of completion of All 50 States

80's - Jack and June Liberman


Most Repeat Visits to All 50 States

9 - James Marchino
9 - Frank Bartocci (honorary)
5 - Mark Breitenbach
4 - Judd Clemens, Gary Flanagan
​3 - William & Ina Sims, Larry Kirk
2 - David Cunningham, Donald & Vanda Edington
2 - Norman & Ellen Ellenbrand
2 - Phyllis & Roger Brown - lower 48 by motorcycle
2 - Mary & Tom Rehm


All 50 states and all U.S. inhabited territories

Record holders pending

For A Cause

Ken & Margy Kohl - Komen Race for the Cure All States
Al Whitney - Donated Blood in All 50 States
Janine Stange - Sang the National Anthem in all 50 states to promote gratitude for troops
Bruce Reid - Biked MS in all states
Chris Strub - 50 states, 50 youth organizations, 100 days
Allan Paulose - Visited Food Banks in all 50
Tim Kenney - 50 Paintings in 50 Days in 50 states, Parkinson's research
Dennis & Kathleen Sura - visited Veteran's organization in all 50


Skydived All 50 States

Sarah & Matt Nuckols
Nicole Smith
Doug Ward


Biked in All 50 States

Douglas Wilson
Douglas Brown
David Miller


Ran in All 50 States


David Lambe,  Josh Sanders, Brandy Shumaker - 5K in all 50 in 6 days, 7 hours, 58 minutes, July 2019

Homer & Suzanne Brantley
Kenneth and Constance Korosc
James Marchino - road race in all 50 (9 times)
Wynne Evans - 10K in all 50


Disc Golfed in All 50 States

Matt and Kristin Baxter
Larry Kirk - (3 times)
Larry Kirk, accomplished in 50 days

Golfed in All 50 States

Bob Bowar
Warren Brodt
Gus Churchill
Chuck Cosgrove
Terry Dickerson
David Heidenreich
Chuck Miller
Felicia Wilson
Gene & Anne Kozleski
Kathy & Patrick Chandler
Harry Scott, Soren & Melanie Jacobsen - accomplished in 50 days
Mary & Tom Rehm - played 2 courses in all 50
Liz & Jeff Goldstein - before reaching age 50


Miscellaneous Sports

Les "Pee Wee" Harrison and TyRone "Hollywood" Brown - Spun a basketball on the steps of each Capitol steps and state lines
Scott & Andrea Stonebraker - Volleyball in all 50
James Lawrence, July 2015 - IronMan, 50 Triathlons, 50 days
Marco Silva - Hiked a Trail in All 50
Fran & Barry Lazarus - Climbed all Colorado 14ers
Beth Hendricks - Participated in Formal walk in Each State
Terry Petrucci - Attended major league baseball field in every state possibleJames Marchino - Bowled 3 game series (nine times

Vincent Sadowski  - attended an auto race in 48 states

Food & Drink

Aroop Sircar - Ate each state's iconic food
Lalith Narayan - Ate french fries and drank a soda in each state
John Fitzgerald - Ate a slice of pie in every state
Wendy Beauge - Visited all USA Hard Rock cafes
Eric Hirschmann - Went to a local restaurant in 49 states
Boomer Mentzer, Vincent Sadowski - Drank a beer in every state
Jim Denevan (honorary) - Served food in every state
Tim MacKenzie - Visited a Sports Bar in all 50

Music & Entertainment

George Thorogood (honorary)- Performed in All 50 in 50 days
The Black Donnellys - 60 gigs in 50 states in 35 days, Guinness Record
Jack White (honorary) - Performed in All 50
Dan Nainan (honorary) - Performed comedy in every state

With a Purpose

Bob Rainville - 83 state to state border crossings in the Border Crossing Challenge

spent 3 weeks in every state - George & Kay Locatelli

Brian & Staci Kothman - camped one week in 48 contiguous
Danka and Norman Pieniazek - ALL 412 NPS sites
Craig Bailey, William Padgon, Charles Dean - over 250+ National Park Service sites
Heidger Family - 60 national parks in one year
Klas Vikman - over 313 entries into the United States (from the UK)
Bradley and Jennifer Bishop - Found a Geocache in all 50 in one year
Barry Steifel (honorary) - longest Solo Road Trip to all 50, 8,649 miles
Al Roker (honorary) - Reported the weather in all 50 states
Janine Stange - sang the national anthem in all 50 states,
Todd Helpingstine - minimum 5 night stay in each state
Dan Carter - rode trains in all 50
Linda - landed a Small Plane in All Fifty States
Olson Family - flew Private Plane in All Fifty States
Jerry Jones - rode Honda Gold Wing in All 50 States
Darcy Nystrom - rode a motorcycle in all 50
Kathleen Kaplan - RV to 49 states
Maxeen & Gary Evans, Mark Dobkin, Chet Hepburn, Duncan Holaday - rode Motorcycle in 48 States
Ralph & Darlene Jose, Ian Morgan - rode Motorcycle in All 50 States
Matthew Norris - rode a Harley Davidson in All 50 States
Gary Flanagan - visited A Church in each State closest to each Capitol

Stevenson Family (Henry III, Monica, Hannah, Henry IV) - visited All Presidential Libraries & Tombs
Melanie Tucker: (honorary) - visited Federal Land in each state (national park, etc.)
Dan Nainan (honorary) - performed comedy in every state
Rochelle Peachy (honorary) - dated a guy in every state
Ben LeRoy (honorary) - did volunteer work in every state
Jim Simpson (honorary) - spent the night at a Walmart parking lot in every state
Robert Strein - photographed 48 Capitols
James Marchino - visited Universities in each state and collected coffee mugs
Braxton Amundson - visited a University in each state by age 25
Anne Corlett (honorary)- painted a Landscape in each state
Jay Zantos (honorary) - 50 states, 50 national parks, 10 months
Malcolm Sadler - viewed rock formations in every state (geology professor)
Ken Nielsen - geocached in all 50
Jim Ford - had a conversation with a local and mailed a postcard from all 50
Fred Plotnick- hitchhiked to all 50
Darwin Kemp - hitchhiked in all 50
Jim Lehman - birdwatched in all 50
Richard Morgan - bird carving shows in all 50, thepaintedbird
Nigel Yorweth - sold books in every state
Esther Jones - collected sand or soil from each state capital

Pets, Sock Monkeys, Cars and more


Socko the Monkey -

"Eowyn" - Ford Windstar drove Owner to 49 States


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