What is the mission of the All Fifty Club?   The All Fifty Club helps travelers track, share, and celebrate the accomplishment of visiting all 50 states. The United States is a country with so many incredible places to visit. It is truly America the Beautiful. The All Fifty Club was formed to recognize those individuals who have achieved the amazing accomplishment of visiting all fifty states. Many have set this goal, yet only some achieve it. The All Fifty Club was founded in 2006 and includes members from all 50 states and 40 countries. The membership is diverse; kids to seniors, campers to those who prefer 5-star hotels, pleasure to business travelers, history buffs to marathon runners. Members complete all 50 in an infinite number of ways – some rush to all 50 in 7 days while most spend most of a lifetime traveling to each state.

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Track your progress

The joy of checking off another state! We offer a variety of ways to track your all 50 journey.

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Share Your Travel Story

I've just got to tell someone about my travel experiences! We provide avenues for members to share their accomplishments, favorite places, and experiences through various channels. We also work to connect members with reporters to be featured in articles.

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Celebrate Your Accomplishments

I did it! We are so proud to issue certificates, plaques, and other items that make the completion of all 50 more official. Not only is it awesome to display what you have accomplished but it inspires others to go to all 50 too!

Personalized certificates

T-shirts, standard club, or personalized

Personalized plaques

Membership pin

Hats and more

Alicia Rovey


All Fifty Club President - Franklin, TN

Eric Prior

Travel Goal Getter Co-Founder - Cheyenne, WY


All Fifty Club was recognized by one of the world’s top travel blogs, Gadling.com. In an October 29, 2012, post on this travel blog, Chris Owen writes, "The All Fifty Club is about as close as we can find to a governing, official organization charged with validating traveler claims of visiting all the states in America."