Frequently Asked Questions

What defines “visiting” a state?

The All Fifty Club allows members to set their own stipulations for what counts as a state visit, however, our general guideline is that to count a state you must set foot on the ground of that state and breathe the air. This rules out airport layovers and flyovers. Some members have arranged for a long layover, then rented a car by the hour to be able to see more of the city/state. We encourage travelers to be in a state long enough to create a memory there.

How do you certify if someone has visited all 50 states? Do you require proof?

Our Club is about celebrating a fantastic achievement. We operate on the honor system to celebrate as many travelers as possible. By requiring “proof” it creates unnecessary work for all and often state visits occur long before a traveler begins counting states. No need to backtrack for proof. Many members keep “proof” of their travels by taking pictures by each state sign, cataloging receipts, bringing home a spoon or piggy bank, or mailing a postcard home from each state.

Can I purchase a membership/certificate/plaque as a gift?

Yes. A gift membership is a great idea for friends or family who have made this accomplishment or are who are about to complete. We issue certificates in advance of completion so the traveller can have membership items when they cross into their final state. Gift a membership here.

Do I have to apply as an individual or can I apply as a couple?

You may apply as an individual, couple, or group. If you apply as a couple or family, indicate in the application that the certificate should be issued to “Sue and Tom Parker” or the “Jones Family”. If you would like individual certificates and individual online traveller profiles, please fill out an application for each person. An email account can only be utilized for one traveller account. If you want to register other family members and they do not have email addresses, fill out the Gift Membership application.

Do you accept returns?

We do not accept returns due to the personalized nature of the certificates and plaques unless the item is damaged or a name was incorrectly spelled. If it was our mistake, we will fix it. We want you to be satisfied so please e-mail or call with any concerns to see how we can remedy the situation.