For a Cause

A 50-state journey is a great way to increase awareness, raise funds, share ideas, and broaden exposure for a cause. Congratulations to these travelers and their unique 50-state tours.






Rodney Smith Jr. is an All Fifty stater powerhouse.  He has visited all fifty states, 11 times and the lower 48, 5 times, (as of September 2023) as he promoted various charitable causes by mowing lawns for free across the country many times over for autism awareness, the disabled, veterans, law enforcement and more. He doesn't stop there - he motivates and encourages young people and adults to give back to their community through the 50-yard challenge. May the movement continue!

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Congratulations to 84-year-old Al Whitney from Ohio! He has donated platelets in all 50 states TWICE! His mission was to travel to blood banks to donate platelets, speak at functions, do radio and TV interviews, dispense ideas, encourage staff & remind them of the importance of their work. Final state on 2nd tour - New Mexico, March 2021 #allfiftyforacause

You are not just donating blood, you are donating life. - Al Whitney Consider donating today! Whole blood or platelets!




Janine Stange is the National Anthem Girl.  She sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” in all 50 states at various venues as a way to spread gratitude and appreciation for the troops.




Gary Flanagan (aka Thor Xplores) has visited all fifty 4 times.  During his second tour to all 50, he and his son Peter raised funds for the victims and families impacted by The Station Nightclub fire that occurred in 2003 in Rhode Island, United States, killing 100 people including Great White guitarist Ty Longley, and injured 230 people.  (Please let us learn from history and take room capacity and clear exits seriously.)  During his third tour, he raised funds for Catholic Charities, The Sgt. Dennis J Flanagan Foundation, The Women's Care Center of Sevier County, Hoops for Heroes, and Ronald McDonald House Charities.  For his fourth tour. he raised funds for the Sgt. Dennis J Flanagan Foundation and the Peter Frampton Myositis Research Fund.





In 2015, Allan Paulose journeyed to all 50 states and visited food banks and charities to spread awareness of hunger and homelessness. Visit his Facebook page to learn more about his eye-opening tour of the USA.






Yuri Williams brings joy and hope to all 50 states over and over again!  For his initial 50 states tour he dressed up as Spiderman and visited the elderly, veterans, ill children, and the homeless in 2018.  As of August 2023, he has made 3 tours.  As the founder of A Future Superhero, he is making such a difference across America and in the community in Long Beach, California. 

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Ken & Margy Kohl - Komen Race for the Cure in all 50
Bruce Reid - Biked MS in all states
Chris Strub - 50 states, 50 youth organizations, 100 days
Tim Kenney - 50 Paintings in 50 Days in 50 states, Parkinson's research
Dennis & Kathleen Sura - visited Veteran's organizations in all 50


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