Setting Travel Goals

Travel Goals are unique to each individual and may vary from relatively simple travel goals such as "visiting the West Coast of the U.S." to more complex travel goals such as "Visit all 50 U.S. State Capitols" or "Visit 50 states in one trip".  For goal-setting tips see Achieving Goals to read a comprehensive guide to setting and achieving travel goals.

United States Travel Goals

► Visit All 50 U.S. States - Have you accomplished this travel goal? Become a member of the All Fifty Club. See "Visiting All 50 States By Bike", "Lincoln Coming to All 50 States", "Man Completes Goal of Donating Blood in All 50 States", "Skydiving in All 50 States", and "50 States, 50 Days, 50 Haircuts" to read about people who have accomplished this goal with a purpose in mind. Take a look at Travel 50 States With Kids for great resources and an optional e-book that describes in detail how to travel to all fifty states in 12 trips (with newsletter sign-up).

► Highpointers - Travel goal to climb the highest point in each U.S. State.  See

► Time Bound U.S. State Goals - Common goals in this category are "50 States in 50 Days" or hybrid travel goals such as "50 Rounds of Golf in 50 Days in 50 States".

► Extra Milers - Travel goal to visit all 3,144 counties in the US.  See

► Multi-State/Country Marathon Clubs, Multi-State/Country Half-Marathon Clubs

► US UNESCO Heritage Sites - United States travel goal to visit the 24 (as of Sept. 2023) UNESCO World Heritage sites in the US which are places with universal value deemed to have significant cultural or physical/natural importance to the common heritage of humanity. 

 World's Largest - Largest apple, World's Largest Rocking Chair - They are out there for you to see with your own eyes!  Travel Goal Getter has been compiling a World's Largest list of these out-of-the-ordinary sites. Make a trip out of it or stop and see a "largest" on the way.  

► Presidential Sites - Visit Presidential Libraries, Museums, Homes and Memorials. Over 130 sites are located in 26 states so chances are there is a site near you or near your next US vacation. Visit our Presidential Sites page to see the list and plan your next Presidential Adventure!

► Religious Sites - Visit sites of amazing architecture, incredible art, and great religious and historical significance. Check out our Travel Goal Getter Religious Sites of the USA as you plan your next trip.  Maybe make a goal of attending a worship service in each state?

► National Parks & Monuments - Visit National Parks and National Monuments across the beautiful United States. Take a look at the Top 10 Most Visited National Parks, the Top 10 Least Visited National ParksNew National Monuments , and Free National Park Days for some ideas.

► Movie and TV Filming Locations - Are you a fan of movies and TV?  Visit some of the places where your favorite films were made. For some ideas, check out the Travel Goal Getter Movie and Film Location List.

► Animal-Related Travel Stops - Animal lovers have many animal-related travel stops to make - from zoos, aquariums, wildlife parks, and more.   Check out Travel Goal Getter Animal Experiences and Travel Goal Getter Unique Animal Travel Stops.

► Factory Tours - How things are made?  Take a look for yourself at the many manufacturing locations that are open to and cater to visitors. Travel Goal Getter Made in the USA -Factory Tours

► US Territories - Go beyond All Fifty States and visit the Territories of the USA! It's not the easiest to get to all of them but it is possible! Learn more about this travel goal on You've Been to All Fifty States - Now What?

► Architectural Wonders of the USA - There are so many incredible architectural wonders in every state - some old, some new. Travel Goal Getter Architectural Wonders of the USA.  

► Eat Your Way Across the USA -  Make sure you eat at a local restaurant in every state and try a local delicacy. Or be sure to taste a food the state is known for. Popular dishes are listed in Travel Goal Getter's Eat Your Way Across the USA.  

► Gambling Across the USA or just visit a casino or two. Iconic venues on Travel Goal Getter's Gamble Across the USA.

 ► Geocache Across the USA