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Disclaimer: We are not paid by any of the links/companies found below. We have used all of these sites, products books etc. and found them useful and informative. We think you will too!


Travel with Rick Steves

Professionally produced weekly travel podcast typically focusing on one or two travel destinations or topics. Features expert guests, authors, and listener questions.

Amateur Traveler Podcast

Fast paced and packed with useful information, Chris Christensen's podcast is in interview format and covers destinations around the world. Pick a destination, listen and learn - Perfect for daily commute listening pleasure.



Written by critically acclaimed Gary Arndt, the man who gave up corporate life, sold his house and has traveled the world ever since. His site is packed with information and we especially enjoy his beautiful (award winning) photography.

Obtaining and managing frequent flyer programs is complex. There are hundreds of offers and airline programs and the guidelines and rules frequently change. The Points Guy keeps track of it all and helps you maximize your benefits and take advantage of new offers that enable you to travel on miles instead of dollars.

Packed full of first-hand information from a full-time world traveler. Matt focuses on budget travel and many articles on his site are geared towards helping travelers with planning and budgeting from a "backpacker" perspective, although anyone looking to save money when traveling should find beneficial information. There's no fluff here and Matt will give it to you straight even if it means bashing a destination.


It's hard to argue with someone who has actually been everywhere! Lee has visited all the countries in the world and is close to reaching his goal of visiting the 321 unique territories/countries as recognized by the Travelers Century Club. His website has a wealth of personal experiences from the destinations he has visited which helps you learn and plan your own trip.

You could spend hours and hours searching and pricing flights and still miss a deal or a sale. Finding flight deals is all about timing. Airfare Watchdog makes it easy to keep track of low fares by setting up custom alerts based on your departure city or a destination. What makes it really great is that they actually have humans pricing flights and they include airlines such as Southwest and others that are not connected with the major flight pricing databases.

This is a media source for the hip, young, thrill-seeking traveler. Thrillist sends daily e-mails with restaurant, bar, or travel ideas for 21 major American metropolitan areas and is expanding to more cities. You can join for your own city or a city you are going to, or go to the website for overall travel ideas. Thrilist is for travelers in the fast lane. The articles are not for everyone, as some are "adult-only" content geared toward males aged 21 to 25 and focused on drinking, nightlife, etc. That being said, interesting travel ideas for anyone young and crazy at heart!




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