Gift Membership

Recognize an amazing travel accomplishment of a family member, friend, or co-worker by purchasing them an All Fifty Club membership!   This a great gift to present after they have completed all 50 (whether it be last month or years ago!) or order it ahead of time for them to have when they cross into their final state! The All Fifty Club does not require proof of visits - we operate on the honor system. However, to count a state, we recommend that one step foot on the land of that state and breathe the air.

To purchase a gift membership, use the link below to fill out a short application to receive a personalized certificate, pin, and/or t-shirt.  Instructions on how to create an online, traveller profile will be included with the membership items.


  • Traveller Information

  • If you are applying for joint or group membership, include other traveler names. You must have the same travel record, otherwise submit individual applications. Example - John & Nancy Smith or The Smith Family. If you would like a period after your middle initial please enter.
  • Example- All 50 by age 50, Visited all 50 Capitols
  • Ship-to Address (additional charges will apply for international addresses)

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