An Irish Story: This is My Home by All Fifty Club Members Dave Rooney and David Browne

Congratulations to Dave Rooney, Dave Browne, and their team on their Emmy award-winning documentary about visiting All 50 States called An Irish Story: This is My Home.  The musicians performed at least one show in every state in 40 days. They show the reality that 50-state journeys don't always go perfectly as planned but the experience is so worth it. Great movie, great music, great story.  Full-length movie - 1 hr 29 min.


Welcome to America: 50 States 50 Days by member Roger Johnson

From Youtube - On May 16, 2007, Roger Johnson, the world's first self-proclaimed welcome sign photography expert, and his travel partner Haley Chamberlain, she isn't a self-proclaimed anything but she is a whole lot of fun, began a journey to all 50 United States in only 50 days. Starting in New York City the two drove over 15,000 miles ending their journey in Honolulu, Hawaii on the 4th of July. During the whole adventure Roger's twin brother Rodney was along shooting video of the whole thing which he edited into a feature-length documentary - Welcome to America: 50 States 50 Days