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    Traveler’s Passports by Ron and Betsy Snipe All Fifty Club members Dr. Ron and Betsy Snipe of Port Angeles, WA created Traveler’s Passports for the USA and Canada, Hawaii and Oceania, and Central and South America.  They have a passion for travel, geography, and education and desire to share these passions with others. […]

Northernmost Places in the U.S.A.

July 5, 2021

Utqiagvik The northernmost point in the United States is Utqiagvik, also known as Point Barrow.  The town went back to its original Inupiaq name of Utqiagvik in 2016.  It is only accessible by air or sea as there is no land route to the city.  Alaskan Airlines has flights from Anchorage or you can arrange […]

To the Extremes

As part of an all fifty state journey, we visit the North, the South, the East, and the West and everything in between. But how far North can you visit? What is the southernmost place to visit in the U.S.?   Northernmost Point – Utqiagvik – Point Barrow Northernmost Point Lower 48 – Angle Inlet […]

Gary and Peter Flanagan’s Fast Trip to All 50

Father/son tribute: 50 states in 8 days to help fire victims Article printed in the North Kingstown Standard Times  By: MARILYN BELLEMORE 08/14/2003 EXETER- An eight-day road trip through all 50 states was a father and son’s way of paying tribute to disc jockey Mike “The Doctor” Gonsalves who died in The Station night club […]

2021 Conference – Interest Form

      Unfortunately, due to the continuing (but improving!) pandemic, the All Fifty States Club Convention has been postponed. New date TBD.  

Record Holders – Youngest

    For most of us, it takes almost a lifetime to visit all fifty states. There are some, with their parents to thank, go to all 50 at a very early age.  Check out the very youngest travelers!  

Fast to Fifty

    Few people actually do the “cannonball-run” method to go to all 50, but most of us are intrigued by the idea of it! How fast can you actually go to all 50 states?  No Grand Canyon.  No Golden Gate Bridge. This is a gas stop and go!  

Trisha Struck – Dogs go to state capitols

April 26, 2020

    Congratulations to Imke and Maddie, two German shorthaired pointers who traveled to 48 states with owner Trisha Struck.  Not only did they visit the states but they went to almost all the capitols too!   This picture was taken at the capitol of Virginia in Richmond, which was capitol #48.  Trisha also achieved all […]