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Member Spotlight – Steve Haddadin

September 4, 2023


Congratulations to Steve Haddadin who completed all 50 by age 26 in September 2023!

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From Steve  -

Alaska marks the end of my 50 states tour!

This is a dream come true! I have always wanted to visit all 50 states, but I never anticipated making it happen at age 26! I thought it would be possible later in life due to my career and education dominating most of my time. With the proper planning, you can travel around your schedule using federal holidays.

I am big on traveling with a purpose. At first, I set out to visit every Presidential library, and planned accordingly. On the way to the Presidential libraries, I explored other parts of the state the library was located. It led me to discover what activities I enjoy while traveling. Once I completed my quest through the Presidential libraries, I have visited about 25 states. The remaining 25 were very fruitful as I took my experiences and applied it to what the remaining 25 states had to offer.

My final tip to anyone looking to complete their 50 states journey is don’t listen to anyone that says do not visit a certain state because it is boring. I did not find any state to be boring. Every state is unique with beautiful sites to see, different activities, and a culture of its own. I am delighted to have officially completed my quest to visit all 50 states. I will be revisiting states, but it will be along the way of my next mission, visiting every country in the world!

Memorable Travel Experience

The most memorable travel experience was my road trip through the Northeast. I flew into Washington DC and rented a car. From DC, I drove to Mount Vernon, Virginia where I visited George Washington’s house. Then, I drove through Delaware and stopped by scenic state parks on my way to Atlantic City, New Jersey, where I spent the night and drove up the state the next morning through several sites. I climbed the 3rd largest lighthouse in the United States, the Absecon Lighthouse. Then I drove to the Sopranos House on my way to Connecticut. In Connecticut, similar to my experience in Delaware, I also visited scenic state parks. On my way to Vermont, I stopped by the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts. In Vermont, I stopped by President Coolidge’s grave and house. I also walked on thin ice, it was big risk considering there was no reception, but it was fun. After that I made my way to New Hampshire. In New Hampshire, I visited President Pierce’s grave and Just Maple where I experienced a family owned and operated maple syrup operation. My last stop was in Portland, Maine, where I ate some of the best lobster ever! I love lobster, so I love Maine. All in all, this road trip I clocked in over 800 miles. This was not the longest road trip that I went on, but it was my favorite road trip. I recommend this trip to anyone that has a week to spare and wants to go on a road trip.

My Favorite State Visited


I love Florida because I love the sun and the beach. As a Southern California native, Florida was the closest thing to home but in a vacation.

An overview of all the states visited in alpha order, including the cities traveled to:

  1. Alabama – Birmingham
  2. Alaska –Juneau
  3. Arizona – Phoenix, Scottsdale
  4. Arkansas – Little Rock
  5. California – Home State*
  6. Colorado – Denver, Fort Collins
  7. Connecticut – West Haven
  8. Delaware - Wilmington
  9. Florida – Miami, Fort Lauderdale
  10. Georgia – Atlanta
  11. Hawaii – Kauai
  12. Idaho – Ashton, Island Park
  13. Illinois – Chicago, Springfield
  14. Indiana - Indianapolis
  15. Iowa – Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, West Branch
  16. Kansas – Abilene, Kansas City
  17. Kentucky- Louisville, Lexington, Frankfort, Louisville
  18. Louisiana – New Orleans
  19. Maine - Portland
  20. Maryland - Baltimore
  21. Massachusetts – Boston, Springfield
  22. Michigan – Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor
  23. Minnesota – Bloomington, Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Wichita
  24. Mississippi – Jackson
  25. Missouri – Independence, Kansas City
  26. Montana – Great Falls, Helena, Livingston
  27. Nebraska - Omaha
  28. Nevada – Las Vegas
  29. New Hampshire - Concord
  30. New Jersey – Atlantic City
  31. New Mexico – Albuquerque
  32. New York – New York, Hyde Park, Manhattan, Queens
  33. North Carolina - Charlotte
  34. North Dakota – Belfield, Mandan
  35. Ohio –Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati
  36. Oklahoma – Oklahoma City
  37. Oregon – Portland, Salem
  38. Pennsylvania – Philadelphia
  39. Rhode Island - Providence
  40. South Carolina – Hilton Head Island
  41. South Dakota – Crazy Horse, Keystone, Rapid City
  42. Tennessee - Nashville
  43. Texas – Austin, College Station, Dallas
  44. Utah – Salt Lake City
  45. Vermont – Plymouth
  46. Virginia – Arlington, Mt. Vernon
  47. Washington – Seattle, Bellevue
  48. West Virginia – White Sulphur Springs
  49. Wisconsin – Milwaukee
  50. Wyoming – Alta, Cody, Jackson