All Fifty States Club

Member Spotlight – Wendy Batkova

June 12, 2024


Congratulations to Vendula Wendy Batkova from the Czech Republic who completed all 50 in May 2024.

Final State: West Virginia

Favorites/Memorable Experiences:

  • Alaska - whale watching; glaciers
  • Wyoming - Yellowstone - gorgeous nature
  • Ohio - Amish country; beautiful and quiet surroundings


From Wendy  -

We made it!  The last, 50th state I visited is Wild & Wonderful, West Virginia 😍

It took couple years, five leisure trips from Prague, Czech republic, tens of nights in airbnbs, and thousands of miles on the road. Special shoutout to my awesome dad who took me on the first roadtrip back in 2018, my wonderful and super patient boyfriend who spent tens of hours behind the wheel in 48 states (50th is waiting for you bb), and the most supportive mom in the whole world, who always encourages me to explore the world 🌎

Together we created countless memories, seen places we cant even describe in words, took pictures of stunning nature and experienced unexpected wild animal encounters we love to reminisce over (and it may or may not fill our eyes with happy tears every now and then) 😅

We are grateful for everything we got to see so far, all the kind people and hosts we met, liters of handcrafted coffee that supported us during our journey, and cant wait to see what the future holds ❤️