All Fifty States Club

In the Heart of the City

July 26, 2018

Major Cities – Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City

States - MD, Washington D.C., VA, PA, DE, NY


Bring history and government alive by going to the significant sites in American History.  This trip includes three major metropolitan areas of the U.S. that every citizen should go to at least once. In the Heart of the City is a mega trip that takes you Washington, D.C. - the home of our federal government and repository of so much history, Philadelphia - the founding place of our country, and New York City - the ultimate melting pot.

The trip begins in Washington, D.C.  Stay close to downtown so you can walk to the National Mall and see the monuments.  Be prepared to walk on this road trip! Visit a Smithsonian of your choice. Love history? Go to the National Museum of American History.  Love dinosaurs? Head to the National Museum of National History. Aviation is your passion? Tour the National Air and Space Museum. Contact your Congressional representatives up to 3 months in advance of your trip to arrange for a White House or Capitol tour as they fill up quickly and require background checks. If this doesn’t work out, walk or drive by each building and try to guess what decisions are being made inside. Traffic in the evenings is light, so if your feet are tired, consider driving around the city at night to see sites too far to get to on foot or Metro during the day.

Leave the city heading north to Baltimore and make a stop at Fort Mc Henry, the site that inspired the writing of the Star-Spangled Banner.  Continue on I-95 to Philadelphia.  Stand where our forefathers formed our government of the people, by the people at Independence Square. See the Liberty Bell and, of course, eat a Philly Cheesesteak. It is just a short drive to New York City.  I had a great experience staying in an Airbnb on Staten Island and taking the free ferry ride to Manhattan to sightsee. The ride allowed our group to wind down after a long day (or night!) in the city.  Plan on spending at least half a day at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  Then, spend the rest of the day exploring the Wall Street area and the 9/11 Museum. For the second day in the city, head straight to the Central Park area and pick up a double-decker trolley ride. Although these types of rides are offered in many cities, in NYC, it is excellent because it gives you a great overall perspective of the buildings, the traffic, and the layout of the city. In addition, the ride provides your feet a much-needed rest from the day before.  Pick where you want to get off, but don’t miss getting a needed boost of energy from a cannoli or calzone from Little Italy. End the trip by successfully navigating through Grand Central Station, then flying out of La Guardia airport, and you will have made it through two of the busiest transportation centers in the country.

More time?  Edison National Park, NJ; Hagley Museum, Wilmington, DE; see a Broadway Show, United Nations, go to a baseball game