All Fifty States Club


March 19, 2020


Hope everyone is doing OK given the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m sorry about any trips that were canceled. I’m sorry about the trips you were on and had to cut short. For those of you planning to complete all 50 states this month,  did you visit that final state or do you have to try again? Looking forward to a trip is such a big part of the excitement of traveling, having to cancel is so disappointing. Hope you can reschedule your trip soon.

In the meantime, look at pictures from past trips, read travel magazines and blogs, take a virtual tour, and plan your next adventure!

May you stay well and may your financial burdens be light.   Alicia, All Fifty Club President



Look at pictures

We all take hundreds thousands of pictures on trips but how often do we go back and look at them? Rarely,  because we begin planning and preparing for our next trip! Use this travel hiatus to reflect and enjoy those trips taken all over again. If you traveled in a group, did you set up a way to share pictures? If not, use this time to come up with a photo-sharing strategy. Print a few favorite travel photos to have around the house to elevate your mood if you are getting cabin fever. Look at pictures from your last trip and look at pictures from trips you took years ago. Guaranteed you are in for some laughs!


Read about Travel

After scrolling through so much data, recommendations, and commentary on coronavirus, take your mind to another place. Spend some time reading travel magazines – glossy print versions lying around the house or on-line pages.  National Geographic Travel, Conde Nast, Budget Travel.  Peruse some travel websites that blog about traveling the way you do.  Cruise Hive, RV Love,  Solo Traveler.



Take a virtual tour

Many museums have always offered incredible virtual tours but due to temporary closures, online collections have been expanded. I haven’t utilized this in the past as I like to be there to appreciate it; viewing on a screen is certainly not the same. However, what a great resource for fast-paced travelers. When my family and I spent a couple of days in New York City, we only had two hours at the American Museum of National History and what amounted to just an hour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (we spent more time at Central Park than planned – oh those captivating performers!). Before the trip, I mapped out museum highlights so we saw Lucy and the DumDum/Easter Island statue at the AMNH, then Monet and Vicent van Gogh pieces at the MET, but we missed so many fascinating artifacts and pieces of art as we rushed through wide hallways. We told ourselves, “we will come back and see the rest sometime.” In reality, though, I’m not sure when we will be back as we instead plan travels to new places. Maybe now is the time to see the rest of those collections from the couch!



Plan your next adventure

This virus is not going to last forever – we will likely be up and traveling again by Fall. Where do you want to go next?  Go to the website and click on all the states you have been to. If you have been to all 50, click only the states that you remember something about your visit there.  If you don’t have a memory, plan a trip to go back to that state. Download the Travel Goal Getter app and have fun counting up the states, countries, and continents you have been to. Where haven’t you been?  Use tools like Roadside America and Roadtrippers to map out your itinerary. May dreams of your future journey keep your mind occupied as you are staying put.

All Fifty States Club Convention


Please join us for the first ever All Fifty States Club Convention on September 19, 2020 in Franklin, Tennessee in the greater Nashville area.  The registration fee will likely be around $25 to cover food costs.  No money will be collected now, but it would great to get an idea of who is interested in attending.  Sign up.   UPDATE – Just found out today major Travel conference was reschedule for this same weekend. We are evaluating whether we need to adjust the date.