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Trisha Struck – Dogs go to state capitols

April 26, 2020



Congratulations to Imke and Maddie, two German shorthaired pointers who traveled to 49 states with owner Trisha Struck.  Not only did they visit the states but they went to almost all the capitols too!   This picture was taken at the capitol of Virginia in Richmond, which was capitol #48.  Trisha also achieved all 50 by age 50.  Record Holders Page – Pets.  Imke made it to 49 Capitols while alive, but sadly Imke passed away at age 15 before going to HI.  She did make it there in spirit though, as Trish left some of her ashes on the Capitol Grounds in Honolulu.  Maddie went to 48 State Capitols and every county in Michigan!

Final state – Hawaii

Owner Favorite state – Alaska and Vermont

Dogs’ Favorites – Connecticut and Oregon

Group Favorite –  They loved all of their road trips, but love their home State of Michigan best of all!



From Trisha -

I was lucky to connect with a group of German Shorthaired Pointer owners before traveling to Hawaii and did get to meet up with them at the Capitol building which made the trip extra special because Capitol grounds visits aren't the same without a dog!

On our many road trips across the country, we saw so many amazing things and met a lot of amazing people.  People were always interested in meeting the dogs and were shocked to know that I had been so many places with them.  I can't tell you how many times people asked if they could include my girls in a picture with their family.  So many times!

I just want people to know it is possible to travel and enjoy so many things with your dogs.  It may even help you slow down and get out to see some areas you may never have considered stopping without them.  They always knew when we were about to embark on a road trip and I think they looked forward to them as much as I did.

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