Become a Member

Who can become a member?

If you have visited all 50 states, you are a member of the All Fifty States Club. Congrats!  However, to make it official, please submit an application so we can register you with the club and send you a certificate recognizing this achievement.  You are eligible to join as an Associate Member once you have visited 35 states.  If you have visited all 48 continental United States you join as a Continental Member.  Continental members can be issued a certificate for visiting all 48 or, if they desire, wait until they visit all 50.


How do I join?

Just fill out the application form.  We do not require “proof” of your visits.  We operate on the honor system. We ask that your visits entail “touching the ground, and breathing the air” of that state.  Some of our members put more restrictions on counting a state as visited – such as visiting the state capitol or spending the night in that state.  That is up to you.  We recognize those who have unique ways of visiting the states.  Check out our Travel Goal Getter All Fifty Club Community.

Our lifetime membership fee is $13.00 which includes your congratulatory certificate.

Benefits of Joining

Be part of a group of select individuals who have seen all fifty states.  List
your accomplishment on your resume.  Hang a certificate or plaque in your home
or office to share your experiences with others.